Settings and Storylines

Playing 五德, you can create your own world and choose your own storylines. You can also look for settings and storylines here.

Setting describe a world, or more specific the characteristics of an world during a specific era. The setting sets the stage for your your story. Storylines are the beginning of a story within a setting. You will find the storylines in the settings.

Spring and Autumn

As the power of the Zhou Dynasty continuous to fade away, the states Qin, Han, Wei, Zhao, Qi, Chu and Yan are at war fighting for dominance along the yellow river. Each state claims their rights to the throne and the Mandate of Heaven and with this they try to conquer the other states and rule their kings.

Modern Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a booming and pulsing city and handling center of many goods – legal and illegal: drugs, weapons, ivory, protected animals and humans are traded in the harbors and dark alleys. Syndicates have a strong hold one parts of the city, while political forces battle for control. But Hong Kong is more than organized crime and a stage for political power-plays.


Imagine a place where race, gender or social status doesn’t define your future, any form of decease is eradicated, and people don’t suffer from any hardship. Does this sound too good to be true? It possibly is: look further, beyond the city limits and you might find a scrapyard where people fight to survive, and morality comes second.

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